100 Hectares 17º 2019

Jun 19, 2021 | Wine | 1 comment

% vol.

Raspberries aroma, cherries and floral Touriga Nacional, in the mouth that leaves us uneasy, full, balanced, tasty and also with some freshness. A very well made wine, in which the alcohol is barely noticeable, gives us a very long table pleasure and each glass is better than the last.

Probably the best 17 degrees on the market and ever, rich, flavorful and complex. I remember years ago tasting the first 17 degrees commercialized, you could drank it well but at the end, it was like a hit on the head, in fact like some of them now.

This does not happen in this case, of course, the issue of graduation will experts uneasy, who consider a wine with this grade not to be wine, but fortunately the brothers Brás, with a strong personality, make wines, especially for people to drink and not for the experts prove, for what they prove, give it to prove and you draw your conclusions.

Price: 33€

M.B. (MAY-2021)

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