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The “Adega Cooperativa de Portalegre”, in the 90’s, produced the best wines in the region of Alentejo and, soon, of the country. They won several prizes, international and national, in particular of the “Confraria dos Enófilos do Alentejo”, won it in several editions. But these wines are, in my opinion, for “connoisseurs”, even more that now they have 20 years of ageing. I remember tasting this same wine in the early 2000s, when it had just come out to the market and I was taking the first steps in my life as an oenophile. Back then I dismissed it from my preferences: I was looking for more exuberant and more impressive wines … nothing that this one offers. Here, the emphasis is on balance and elegance which requires experience and sensitivity to appreciate it. Today I’m capable of enjoying it and give a better value to these wines.
The sediment is heavy: decant it! The color is light translucent garnet, which doesn’t hide the age it have. The presence of primary notes of fruit attest the good ageing ability (as it is advocated in the counter-label of the bottle) and are well accompanied by spices, wood notes, pine leaf and mushrooms. The acidity is well defined and the tannins are well present. To confirm that the wine is still very alive! An unpretentious nectar, at the price at which time it went out to the market (approximately 10€?), Produced in appreciable quantities (around 30 000 bottles), and which would make many of Bordeaux of the same age blush that nowadays are sold for higher prices (ten times more expensive!) And from this Portalegre wines there are still better harvests …
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G.P. (FEB-2018)

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