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From time to time, my friend Zé likes to invite his closest friends (we are only 4 couples and some do not drink wine) for some dinners, accompanied by good vinasse. However, lately, and contrary to what was customary, he does not want me to take the wines. Red wines, well understood, because those people, unlike me, are not much of a white fans. Then I, fearing the worst (as in the last time), I took a liqueur, to sweetened the mouth in the end.
Here are the results:
In the first place the “Herdade das Servas” selected harvest 2012. Non-characteristic aroma, in the mouth the fruit is felt, it is little full-bodied, but then the end has a full of edges, that it costs to bear.
Next, a “Quinta da Lapa” reserve shyrah 2012, of the “Tejo” region. A good shyrah by the way. Aroma spicy, in the mouth the tannins are firm, not too full-bodied, but it is soft, creamy and tasty, with nice finish. Much better than the last. And it followed well the powder rice.
We ended up in beauty, with a “Bastardinho of Azeitão” 30 years: Unfortunately, it is a wine that will end one day, because the vineyards no longer exist (despite the efforts, the “JMF” could not recover it). The house still has some to bottle up, and then it’s over.
Nose with honey and caramel very intense. In the mouth is very unctuous, pure honey, looks like a “Moscatel”, with endless end. After all, I found it less good than the last bottle I opened.

In short:

Herdade das Servas harvest selected 2012

. Region: Alentejo
. Producer: Herdade das Servas
. Price: 7.50 euros

  • 13 Points

Quinta da Lapa reserve shyrah 2012

. Region: Tejo
. Producer: Quinta da Lapa
. Price: 8.50 euros

  • 15,5 Points

Bastardinho de Azeitão 30 anos

. Region / type: Liquor from the Setúbal Peninsula
. Producer: José Maria da Fonseca
. Price: 75 euros

  • 18 Points

P.F. (JAN 2017)


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