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It is always a pleasure and satisfaction to do a wine tasting at Quinta da Pellada. A producer always with a high and constant quality level. And on top of it, and for this very reason, being our partner.
Here are the wines in Proof:

Carrocel e Carrocel Dourado 2012

It is inevitable to make a comparison of the two versions. It is the 3rd edition of “Dourado”, after 2010 and 2011. A rich floral aroma, more intense in “Carrocel Dourado”, with “Touriga Nacional” in all its splendor (remember that these wines are mono variety). In the mouth the tannins are fine in both; the wines are velvety and, although they are not yet on the market (at the time of the event), they are perfectly drinkable. The great difference of these two wines is the body. The normal “Carrocel” is thinner and sleeker. “Dourado” is more powerful and full-bodied. The final (in both) is prolonged, with an acidity still a bit excessive, but that will make the wines to last many, many years.
Price: Carrocel: 53 euros
Carrocel Dourado: 65 euros

  • 18 Points (ambos)

Quinta da Pellada 2012

A very intense floral aroma. In the mouth is thin, very thin, medium body, and prolonged end. This is a “Pellada” with a different profile from the previous 2 years. More Burgundy. Pure elegance. Very well!
Price: 30 euros

  • 17,5 Points

Quinta da Pellada Jaen 2014

Only 661 bottles, of the favorite caste of the boars. (Did you know that the boars when they attack the vineyard of Pellada, always go to Jaen?)
Intense aroma, rich and floral (characteristic of the house!). In the mouth it is very tasty and pleasant, and, although slightly “green”, has already a very nice end.
Price: 40 euros

  • 17,5 Points

Quinta da Pellada 2010 UKR

A limited edition of 500 bottles, coming from a portion of the “Carrocel” vineyard. A wine made in a different way (that’s what it says on the label). Fruity aroma, with the caste somewhat hidden. In the mouth it is intense, powerful, perhaps too much. It turns out to be a very full-bodied and unattractive wine. But it’s a profile that a lot of people like. This, in terms of consumption, is in point, but will still last a lot in the bottle …
The name of the wine has to do with a certain individual (winemaker) who went to work for the “Pellada” shortly before, and because he was a “jack for all jobs guy”, aquired the nickname of “the Ukrainian”. Most of these bottles were sold to a restaurant in the “Algarve”, and the producer now only has a few Magnums. So it will not be easy to find it.
Price: 40 euros

  • 17 Points

P.F. (DEC 2016)


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