Quinta do Sobral Vinha da Neta Reserva 2015

Apr 10, 2021 | Wine

Quinta do Sobral Vinha da Neta Reserva 2015
% vol.

Quinta do Sobral is located in the demarcated region of Dão, more specifically in the village of Santar, where the winemaking project was born by the hands of patriarch Nelson Simões and that lasts over the three generations it crosses.

Contrary to the biblical story in which the prodigal son asks his father for the inheritance and spends it lightly, Vinha da Neta is born from the request of granddaughter Maria Simões to his grandfather to offer it to her, instead of pulling it out as he intended and take care of it together, thus perpetuating the legacy. As a result of this love, an elegant and harmonious wine is born that represents well the tradition of Dão wines.

Vinha da Neta 2015 is the result of a manual harvest, with a selection of the best grapes harvested only by grandfather Nelson and granddaughter Maria Simões. They were stepped on foot in granite mills with full stems for a good extraction of colors and aromas. This wine aged 6 months in new French oak barrels and 9 months in bottle.

Intense, floral and harmonious color, in the mouth full of black fruit and wild aromas, with discreet smoked notes. Long and elegant finish.

A wine that deserves harmonization with the traditional goatling or veal roasted in the oven.

Price: 25€

R. P. (MAR-2021)

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