Vinhos com História 1.0

Wine is friendship, we can call it as the construction of collective memories.

This was one of the particularities of one of our wine matching trials with the food. This time we accompany the wine with cheeses and grilled meats.


Manuel served the wine, as soon as I sniffed the wine, something familiar became evident, after tasting it I said: I know this wine, I already drank this wine. For an amateur wine taster, this is the big goal in a totally blind test.

The smell of peppers was very evident, certainly a Cabernet Sauvignon, in the mouth, a good wine, penalized only by lthe ack of body.

Manuel goes ahead, this is a wine with history in our tests … continues to smell and taste to peppers … reminiscent of a wine we drank in 2007 that I had chosen precisely for that reason, the peppers. Is it the Tall Horse of South Africa? Yes. Tall Horse 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon.


I knew this wine in 2007 in a wine tasting of the wineclock in Matosinhos with José Silva. At that time, among other wines, I really liked this wine because we were in June, very close to São João (feasts of the popular patron saint of this city, which is held in Porto and in which people eat sardines roasted with peppers) on that day, I said: Bring the sardines I already have here the peppers.

This is a good range wine …. I would advise it to anyone who wants to know what the smell of peppers in a wine is and with excellent value for money.


We continued with the test, as you would imagine, I was all pleased and full of enthusiasm. Manuel serves the wine, I say fruity, Manuel says floral … it can not, or one or the other. In the mouth, fresh and with volume, it seems to me Douro, nevertheless the end of mouth has a different flavor, it can not be Douro. It is not Dão and is very fresh for Alentejo …. Manuel continues to say flowers, I say fruit, maybe blackberries … uhm, I’ll have to bet on a wine from the Setúbal peninsula / Sado lands.

Manuel reveals the bottle, he presents a beautiful Douro bottle (Quinta Nova Reserva Terroir Blend 2015) saying: Luis, sometimes the first instinct tells us the truth.

It is a good wine with complexity, fresh, with body but still young.

L. V. 2017