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We decided to do a joint blind proof with 4 Portuguese wines in the range of 20-30 euros. That is, a medium or medium / high range as you which. The remaining criteria of choice were totally free: region, year … Each of us took a wine, and the proof was totally blind. Does this price range have high quality wines that are worth it? And will there be big differences in quality in this price range? Here are the results:


“Quinta dos Frades”, in the “Folgosa do Douro”, on the south bank of the river, is close to the famous DOC restaurant of “Rui Paula”. In recent years, those who pass by have witnessed the evolution in quality and quantity of both vineyards and infrastructures. This Great Reserve is a mid-range of the House, with old vines, and the first top-of-the-range has now been launched. Enology by “Anselmo Mendes”.
Aroma in which the oak stands out; the fruit is hidden. In the mouth it is tasty, you can notice the fruit, although the wood is in fact still little integrated, and has medium body. Slightly persistent and slightly acidic. Still to save. Harmonizes well with white meat dishes.
Price: 26 euros

  • 16,5 Points


It is a wine from a farm, near “Ervedosa do Douro”, which exports almost all its production. So it is not easy to find. Where you can find it always is in the fantastic “Toca da Raposa” restaurant, also in “Ervedosa”. It is a restaurant of traditional and very good food, at very reasonable prices, which privileges, as far as wine is concerned, the producers nearby. Also makes, once a month, wine dinners with blind proofs. We want to go there soon to one of these dinners.
“Touriga Nacional”, “Sousão” and “Tinta Amarela”. Intense aroma of red fruits. In the mouth the intense fruit is felt, half body and slightly alcoholic. The end is not too long. It is an interesting and pleasant wine. Harmonizes well with grilled meats and white meats.
Price: 23 euros (at the “Toca da Raposa”)

  • 16,5 Points


One of the press prizes of the last Meeting with Wine and Flavors. Very floral, feminine aroma. Tasty, medium bodied, elegant. Slightly acid and woody finish. A pleasant and relatively consensual wine.

  • 16,5 Points

PAPE 2011

Like the previous one, also the “Touriga Nacional” is very much in evidence. Very floral aroma. Flavor also floral, medium / intense body, but elegant, and with relatively long finish.
Price: 30 euros

  • 17 Points

Well, to finish, to soften the mouth, and to accompany some butter cookies we opened a H.M. Borges Boal 15 years:

Intense iodine aroma and nuts. Great salinity in the mouth, half sweet as you would expect, but fresh, with nuts and some spice. Long end, though not endless.
Price: 35 euros

  • 17,5 Points

Final Notes / Conclusions:

a) Coincidentally, all wines tested were from the year 2011.
b) 2 of them were from the “Douro” region and 2 from the “Dão” region.
c) Only one of them stood out a little (the Pape). Although with different characteristics, the overall quality was very similar.
d) Could we find wines of similar quality at a lower price range? We think so.
e) We are under the impression that any of the wines tested will be better in 5 years

P.O. (DEZ 2016)


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