Quinta das Bágeiras

“Here goes Fausto for his Quinta das Bágeiras”

This was how the population of “Fogueira” gave its name to the project I created in 1989. “Fausto” was my paternal grandfather, whose vineyards I met with others of my maternal grandfather to found the first “Bairrada” wine company in more than 20 years. With the fundamental support of my father “Abel”, 12 hectares of vineyards that until then produced wine sold in bulk for the region’s cellars were transformed into bottled wines with our brand. To the area of initial vineyard were added later, another 16 hectares, always in the best “terroir” of “Bairrada”.
My conviction was simple: I wanted our wines to be made with traditional methods, without giving way to the evolution of viticulture and oenology, which is constant. That is why all our grapes are harvested by hand, that our reds are made in mills without added yeasts, and our sparkling wines have no residual sugar, for example. I believe that quality without identity is worthless.

Thus, we respect wine as it respects us and we dedicate ourselves, always in family, to a passion of three generations.