Quinta das Bágeiras Grande Reserva 1999

Mar 3, 2019 | Relics, Wine

% vol.

I am a big fan of these old sparkling wines from the Bagéiras. I remember with great pleasure (and nostalgia!) Of nectars like the Great Reserve of 2002 or the Old Reserves of 1993 (!!!) and of 2001, the latter only in “small” bottles of 3 liters: yes, small, because they end in an instant, too soon! Whenever I buy wines from this iconic producer (which I do regularly and advise!) – whether I personally go to the Quinta, in Fogueira, or when I speak with Mário Sérgio (the vigneron) – I ask for these true relics. And he, with the great sympathy that we all recognize him (and with great self-denial, too! …) always presents me with something special. This time it was this Great Reserve 1999, of which only 3700 bottles were produced.

The color is golden straw. The mousse is ephemeral, but in the mouth the bubble is very thin and intense – as I like it! It is a multifaceted wine, with touches of noble evolution with mushrooms, nuts, …; has some sweeter nuances (which do not take away the dry profile!) of flowers, honey and anise; finally, fresh notes of green apple that, along with the balanced acidity, give you vivacity and youth! The end is incredibly long …

It is also multifaceted, by the company that makes at the table, having accompanied without any problem a hare rice (!!!) and a cheese (of those from Alentejo well cured!) With fresh apple. Well I know: old sparkling, cured cheese and apple is a strange combination, but try it and then tell me anything! …

A wine just for connoisseurs!

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G. P. (FEB-2019)

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