Portuguese wines are getting more expensive. And they will continue to rise. I don’t think this is that bad. The problem is we have to “put up with this”.

To drink a French wine with the same quality as a Portuguese wine, we have to pay at least 3x more money. I repeat: at least! Now this may seem unfair. But in reality, in this World, the concept of injustice is very vague. This all obeys the law of the market, of supply and demand.

Everybody wants to drink a French wine … So the price is higher … And the quality soon shows …

But, with the advances that have occurred in the Portuguese wine paronama in the last two decades, things are changing … very slowly …

The quality of the Portuguese wines has improved a lot. Then it’s not just being … It’s necessary to look like. And all those awards that our wines have won, including the rankings in the famous top 100 of Wine Spectator, and all the marketing that has been done (and very well done), not only to the wines, but to the Country in general, has taken that foreigners are increasingly looking for Portuguese wines. Especially the best. So the price goes up.

On the other hand, although less important in terms of numbers, the Portuguese population is also better informed and more demanding about wines.

That’s why we have to put up with it.

But when one of these “expensive wines” disappoints us, and is far away from what it should, we will be here to criticize … If it’s more expensive, the demand is greater …

P. F. March 28th, 2018