Duas Quintas Reserva 2013

Feb 20, 2018 | Wine | 0 comments

% vol.

I took advantage, once again, of the periodic promotions of 25% discount on wines from certain region of the “Continente” supermarket to buy this Duas Quintas Reserva. The Ramos Pinto house has an extraordinary history, which I deeply respect, not mentioning Porto wines. I’m remembering, in particularly, a magnum bottle Duas Quintas from 1994 that I tasted about 5 years ago that was absolutely fantastic. This one of 2013 has only one flaw: it’s too young. It has all the qualities, but the wood taste overlaps the fruit which is also, perhaps, too direct. The tannins are still very unripe, full of grain. In the background, fine notes of violets and spices are discovered that give some elegance to the wine, but you you need to give it some time. In 5 years, surely, it will be a better wine, with the elements all better blended.
Price: 28€

G.P. (FEB-2018)

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