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Few wines express their terroir as clearly as the ones of the “Herdade do Mouchão” wines. This 2012 wine maintains the DNA of this wine cellar, with the deep color of Alicante Bouschet grape varietal and the fresh black fruit framed by the spicy notes of the wood with an exotic character that I haven’t found in any other wine that I had tasted. This was one of the sweetest young “Mouchões” that I remember to taste, being much more friendlier than, for example, the 2011 that I recently tasted at a lunch in “Herdade do Mouchão” (that one was full of “angry” tannins demanding to keep it for a few more good years). The fruit (blackberries) and the wood are still not balanced, but despite of that a couple of years of rest would not hurt it. Thus, Mouchão 2012 is very pleasant to drink but surely will benefit with a few more years in the basement so that the elements marry perfectly. The wine is very fresh, with balsamic notes at the end and a sharp acidity that make it very gastronomic. In fact, it goes along with an excellent ribeye of meat matured with more than 1 kg (!!!) at the restaurant “Alecrim” in Estremoz, which sells this wine at a very decent price (44€).
Price: 40€

G.P. (FEB-2018)

  • 17.5 Points