1st Wine4People anniversary at Garrafeira Imperial

January, 12th, 2019

And here comes the first anniversary of a project that we believe can be ambitious, innovative, responsible and done with professionalism. We aimed to disseminate, above all, what is best for this country at the level of wine and therefore we have tried to have as partners, producers that for many years were a reference for us in terms of quality, identity and consistency in its wines and way of being in this complex and competitive world of wine.

Garrafeira Imperial has also become our partner, this partnership of mutual benefit, but as such all our partners, without any commercial or financial ties.

We leave here a short summary of the chronology of the day of our event:


Arrival to the Imperial wine cellar, this is located at Rua do Alecrim in Lisbon and apart from a liquor store is also a restaurant, so we decided to have lunch in this space, so that we can finalize the last details and add the useful to the pleasant, tasting some snacks.

Tapas menu with many solutions, we ordered several, eggs with farinheira, cheese and ham, tortilla etc.

We were satisfied with the quality of the appetizers, being accompanied by Domingos Alves de Sousa and Tiago Alves Sousa who meanwhile joined us.

In order not to hurt susceptibilities as we were told willingly, Domingos Alves de Sousa, we asked for beer to accompany the meal.


After the lunch and at the time that the producers started to arrive and start organizing their site, here comes the first customer, a little early, but it reminds us that it is time to start this great event, where we look to share our passion with all the wine lovers.


At the beginning of the event, clients and guests are starting to arrive, it became an intimate, familiar environment, with everyone revealing redoubled interest in the events, even with the Portuguese football classic Sporting-Porto in a nearby TV, very few were really interested in this sporting duel .

In the producers spaces, the participants, surrender to the way they present their wines. Tiago Alves de Sousa in their way of presenting his wines, each one has a history and in each it is worth telling and Luis Cerdeira, in his accessibility and relaxed vibe ended up being surrounded by young and interested people, who make questions and praise his wines.

Those who are very informed in the wine scene didn’t pass up the opportunity to taste unique wines, with identity, in the Bageiras, with the explanations of Mário Sérgio Nuno and Ana, in Quinta da Pellada, with Maria de Castro and Álvaro de Castro and with Nuno Duarte in the Barbeito madeira’s wine, this one with wines with an acidity very different from other brands of madeiras and that were very much appreciated.

Our guest, Quinta do Mouro also, impressed everyone, through Paulo Amaral, and they begin to know wines that reflect the terroir of the Alentejo, with gastronomic wines, full-bodied and of extraordinary quality.


Began the special event, the participants head towards the wine cellar room, which many praised and considered spectacular for the event. After the introduction of Ricardo Diogo by a wine4people element, he presented the wine tasting context, being that renders many people, for his relaxed vibe, way of being, ability to tell stories, like the History teacher he is … It is essential to say that we can only thank you for your generosity by bringing extraordinary and unique wines to this event, making the participants euphoric, grateful and fulfilled.


End of the event, a sense of duty fulfilled, the event, was in our opinion a success, people left grateful and willing to get back in touch with great wines and fascinating experiences.

We the wine4people can not praise enough the producers, the participants and the staff of the Garrafeira Imperial wine cellar, an equally highly praised space that has helped us to carry forward our 1st Anniversary. May many more come …