Pêra-Manca Branco 2015

Mar 9, 2017 | Wine | 0 comments

% vol.

A classic “Alentejo” made with “Antão Vaz” and “Arinto”, who lives (perhaps too much) in the shadow of his brother made with red grapes. I took a lunch at the “Enoteca da Cartuxa” in “Évora” (I advise you!) To buy a bottle in the store next to the restaurant (excellent prices … but do not sell “Pêra-Manca” red). These white “Pêra-Manca” wines are great quality wines and longevity. In my opinion, they reach their apogee a good few years after its launch to the market. In recent years I was delighted with 2000 and 2001 (the latter especially). Fortunately, the production is sufficiently abundant (70,000 bottles in this edition of 2015) so that the possibility of crossing with a bottle of the right age is real. It is presented as you would expect from a white “Alentejo”: full-bodied and with a sweet profile, but with an excellent acidity that balances it. Creamy and concentrated, the main focus is on tropical fruit (pineapple). The ending is very greedy and persistent. It is a very well made and balanced wine. The main problem, in my opinion, is that it is still not well defined, talked little with me during lunch. 2014, for example, has a much more pronounced personality, like it or not. So what I would do if I had more bottles of this wine was to leave them in the basement for a few years (half a dozen?), With the certainty that they would emerge better, since the potential is all there. With patience to wait … and space in the basement!
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G.P. (DEC-2017)

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