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The Hotel “Madre de Agua”, on the outskirts of “Gouveia”, is a place of peace, tranquility and good taste. With “Serra da Estrela” in the background, guests are invited to visit every corner of the property, from the well-kept vineyard, to horseback riding, to the cheese shop and to the winery (in order to know how the products are made), to the orchards … It’s 16 hectares, which some of them are vineyard. They have some interesting whites, and some reds. And the oenology is now in charge of “Paulo Nunes” from “Passarella”.
In our case, we were not staying. We just had a wine dinner at the Hotel’s restaurant, under the baton of chef “António Batista”. After gaining fame in the “Quinta de Cabriz” restaurant, this creative and ingenious chef landed at the foot of the “Serra da Estrela”. Always friendly and available, it was accompanied by the trout, the lamb steak, the cod and the kid that the following test was going on. In addition to the cheeses (fantastic !!!), cottage cheese and jams. We had the company of Pellada’s “personnel”.

Note: The partnership wine4people/partners is based on a strategy of dissemination, admiration and defense of what is best done with wine in this country.

Pai Abel 2013

. Region: Bairrada
. Type: White wine
. Producer: Quinta das Bágeiras
. Price: 20 euros
Very fresh in the nose and pleasant comme d’habitude. In the mouth has a nerve, medium body and fresh end, with a “rustic” acidity that suits you. It’s always a win bet. Half a point more, half a point less …

  • 17 Points

Fonte do Ouro Dão Nobre 2015

. Region: Dão
. Type: White wine
. Producer: Boas Quintas
. Price: 37.5 euros
It’s a fact. We never know when to open a bottle. We do not know when it will be at its peak, and when will it be in the closet phase. In relation to this wine, this we have just said, is glaring. A few months ago, this wine was entitled to the status of “Dão Nobre” (see our proof note). It was the fruit, the minerality, the finesse … Today, it only smells like vanilla. And when you put it in your mouth you just feel the wood, from beginning to end. Truly unbelievable. If they told me, I did not believe. We want to believe that this is a temporary phase (such a phase of the closet, which is very characteristic of wines with encruzado variety).

  • 12 Points

Clisson 2013

. Region: Loire
. Type: White wine
. Producer: Domaine de la Pépiére
A beautiful white wine of the Loire, with a very fine and fresh aroma. It was “Luis Lopes” from “Pellada” who took it. In the mouth with a lot of nerve and lots of finesse, and with very elegant finish. Beautiful wine.

  • 17 Points

Xisto 2012

. Region: Douro
. Type: Red wine
. Producer: Roquette & Cazes
. Price: 70 euros
From the grapes of “Quinta do Crasto” we find this oenological partnership that since 2003 makes the delights of the oenophiles. This “xisto”, sometimes a wine “little remembered” is always good! Admittedly the price is high but rivals very well with wines of much higher price. From 2006 to 2008 there was no “xisto”. The “Roquette & Cazes” brand, emerged as the the lower range. It returned in 2009, and in 2010 there was no “xisto” again. So this is the 6th edition of this wine. A very fine aroma, in which the fruit and the barrel are evident in the smell with a perfect marriage. In the mouth it is silky. It has a body very elegant, and the end is very long. It’s a worked wine. But we are not against make-up when it is soft and well made. This is a wine that everyone will enjoy. Very well!

  • 18,5 Points

Legado 2011

. Region: Douro
. Type: Red wine
. Producer: Sogrape
. Price: 180 euros
Around a year ago, when we opened the “Legado 2008”, we were surrendered to the fineness and quality of this wine. Pure velvet. I remember we rated it with a 19. Then, later, 2009 did not impress that much. And now this 2011 is still not ready to drink! The truth is that our classifications essentially reflect the moment and not the potential. Coming from century-old vineyards with multiple vineyards of a single farm of “Cima Corgo (Quinta do Caedo)”. In the nose the ripe red fruits are felt. In the mouth it is still a bit unbalanced, with the fruit and the wood (very thin) to fight. Little silky and little velvet. Extended end but still a little sour. A great wine, but: Please do not open it yet !!!!!

  • 17 Points

Porto Barros Colheita 1950

. Region: Douro
. Type: Port
. Producer: Barros
. Price: 190 euros
We chose this Port because we knew it was the year of the birth of Engineer “Álvaro de Castro”. Bottled in 2001, therefore a Port 50 years. With a sweet rice and a creamy milk from the house. Intense aroma with honey and caramel. In the mouth very unctuous and very tasty, not being significantly noticeable alcohol (which is the problem of many old Tawny’s). Very long end. A beautiful Port !!!

  • 18 Points

In the end Chef Batista came to greet us. We left the restaurant around midnight. They are pleasures like these that make life worth living.
P.O.(MAIO 2017)


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