100 Hectares Tinta Amarela 2019

Nov 29, 2020 | Wine | 0 comments

% vol.

It is only fair to praise the good taste of the 100 Hectares brand design. On any shelf their labels become appealing, flashy and bought on a possible impulse, due to the good taste of the label. It is the case of this, beautiful, elegant and that leaves no one indifferent.

Regarding the wine itself, this 2019 Tinta Amarela grape varietal, the first red wine I taste this year, for many, by itself too young, leaves us all pleasantly surprised and leaves me with a certainty, 100 Hectares are among the few producers that the wines, even very young, that launch to the market, are ready to be consumed and in the exponential curve of their quality, which can justify the great success with the true wine lovers, the consumers.

Inseparable aroma of red fruit, quality, plums, clarity of smell, leads us through the thought, along the path of its fresh air vines and the purity of well-kept vines, revealing its spicy side, a certain vanilla over the glass of its new barrel and cherries, many cherries. On the palate, the smoothness and freshness of the tannins impresses, without edges, round, which over time, exposes some French oak, which tells us that it is still young and that we can augur a good potential for keeping it. It finishes complex and persistent, we think of the pleasant aroma of the cellars, a certain identity of the wines of this house and with sadness we return to the reality of an empty bottle that makes us miss it.

I always thought of Trincadeira from Alentejo as a unique grape, with the region’s identity, with complex and pleasing flavors, this Tinta Amarela from Douro, makes me think that regardless of the place where it can be planted, with the pleasure of what it does, it is possible elevate it to the nobility of its quality as a mono-grape and this will certainly mark its presence as one of the best Tinta Amarela mono-varieties in the region.

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M.B. (NOV-2020)

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