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A few years ago (the first edition was 2010), Dirk Niepoort surprised us with a high-end white wine, at the time the most expensive white wine of Portugal: The “Coche”. The “Redoma” reserve was their benchmark white, and the expectations were high. I confess I have not tasted the earlier harvests. Although I have always heard disparate opinions about this wine and its price. The aroma denotes fineness and aristocracy, with orange blossom. The wood is present, which then in the mouth we confirm that it is of excellent quality, and not in excess. In the mouth it is creamy, soft, some fruit but with little acidity! And watery finish! In short, a French white wine, but without acidity and with very poor end. I even understand the concept, and people who might like this type of wine, but my rating can not be higher than that (and willingly).
Price: 58€

P.F.(DEC 2016)

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