Quinta das Bageiras Visit – Part 3


Mugasa Restaurant – Awarded by the National Agricultural Fair 2018, National Contest of roasted piglet and other traditional Portuguese products.

After the visit to the premises of Quinta das Bageiras with an interview with the producer Mário Sérgio, the appetite was already beginning to wake up, so Mário Serio chose the wines that we would have the privilege of tasting and there we went, wine4people, Mário Sérgio, his son Frederico, the successor of this emblematic house and the collaborator mor das Bageiras, Ana, to the restaurant Mugasa

This restaurant with very strong links of friendship and cooperation with Quinta das Bageiras because of Bernardo, the late man, a charismatic figure that we always saw in the events, coming from this gastronomic space.
The Mugasa Restaurant, prefers the traditional Portuguese cuisine, located in the town of Fogueira, in Anadia – Largo da Feira 3780-523 Fogueira.
Gastronomic space with good tastes and a cozy atmosphere.

The menu was already reserved: the Mugasa piglet, still without knowing the premium mentioned above, to harmonize with the wines in evidence.

From the starters was some fantastic and intense baits that began to harmonize with the first wine, then we start this tour of flavors, sensations and aromas.


  • Grape varieties: Baga
  • Alcohol content: 12,5%
  • Points: 16,5

Accented pink color, pleasant fruity aroma. Fresh, with acidity and sweetness in balance, revealing gastronomic, harmonizing very well with the intensity of the baits.

Being that, I confessed Mario Sergio that I was never very adept of rose wines, but this one seemed very pleasant, with sweetness but nothing cloying, some body and with balanced end, a fresh, pleasant and promising start of repast.

  • 16,5 Points 83% 83%


  • Grape varieties: Bical and Maria Gomes
  • Alcohol content: 13.5%
  • Points: 18.5

Complexity and finesse in the aroma, with great minerality, that is also noticeable in the palate. In the mouth, large body, very fine, elegant, very well integrated wood, with great acidity and balance. End of mouth very long and of great quality. A great wine that we wanted to taste, and taste, and taste …

  • 18,5 Points 93% 93%


  • Grape varieties: Bical
  • Alcohol content: N/A
  • Points: 19

The surprise of the day, a sparkling wine that is not yet in the market, without label, but that has left us ecstatic with its quality.
Great quality of aroma. In the mouth, body melted to perfection, with notes of alcoholic content in balance with a great acidity and very long end of mouth. A sparkling wine that Mário Sérgio revealed in his opinion to be at the level of the great champagnes and we agree.

  • 19 Points 95% 95%


  • Grape varieties: Baga and Touriga Nacional
  • Alcohol content: 14%
  • Points: 18

After the quality of the previous wines, I did not expect anything else in the red. And I really was not disappointed at all.
This Avô Fausto (means grandfather Fausto) was presented, different from his essence of Pai Abel (means father Abel), for being made more in elegance than in power, as expected.

Bright and beautiful color. Scented aroma, ripe wild fruits and high quality spices. In the mouth, full bodied, fresh with silky tannins and showing the aromas in the nose. Very good end of mouth. A beautiful wine and a great elegance.

  • 18 Points 90% 90%


  • Once again it is proven, Quinta das Bageiras makes very gastronomic wines, harmonized with the pig in a sublime way, and that reveal themselves with identity and very characteristic.
  • Being a big and demanding lover of roasted suckling pig, I take my hat off at the Mugasa Restaurant, with a balance between the pig and the perfect sauce, so I dare to consider him as really the best in the country.
  • THANK YOU to Mário Sérgio for a beautiful Quinta das Bageiras wine tasting, Frederico and his collaborator Ana for an excellent company and unforgettable lunch at the Mugasa Restaurant.

w4p (JUL 2018)