D’Avillez Garrafeira 1995

Apr 21, 2019 | Relics, Wine

% vol.

The last of 3 bottles I bought at Garrafeira Louro in Évora – this place for me is guaranteed that the wine was stored in the best conditions to age well. Nothing wrong with the opening, let’s taste!

The color is garnet with latijados glazes. Very intense, for the age of wine. A little clouded by fine sediments, which draws attention to the need for careful concern with the way decanting is done. Red fruit, spices, an animal touch in the end that, in my opinion, even gives it some grace. Just an evolution note, with tertiary pharmacy cabinet notes.

Very nice in the mouth, with refreshing red fruit by the fantastic (would say almost incredible for an Alentejano!) acidity. It’s a fresh and vibrant wine, despite its almost 25 years of age! It has vegetable notes that give it elegance, as well as a touch of wet earth and mushrooms, which give it complexity. The leather also appears discreetly in the mouth. Tannins make themselves shameless, but they are both polished and educated. The finish is dry and not properly long. But it does not hurt either …

In the end, the general idea that remains is of great balance and a wine that has evolved in a very noble way. Another great example of the fantastic wines that Serra de S. Mamede can produce, with great potential for aging! The main problem of this wine for me? No more bottles. Not to say little …

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G. P. (APR-2019)

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